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[HCDX] Re: Logs from NH

IRRS downloaded an edition of The Shortwave Report, with Dan Roberts.
This show has been running for some years on several US public radio
stations, and was on SW for a while thanks to IBC Radio when it was
carried by WRMI, most recently Sat 1830 on 15725. Dan tapes a number of
favorite stations off SW each week, one of which is RHC, and encourages
people to listen directly by giving times and frequencies. This
resulted in the extreme anomaly of RHC being ``relayed`` by WRMI and
now by IRRS. Website is:

> 5775, ITALY, IRRS(presumed), 2037-2049, Dec.25,
> English, Not sure if this was via IRRS or some sort of
> punch-up error. R. Havana Cuba prg. w/ talk of Xmas in
> Bethlehem and Palestinians, YL w/ "Viewpoint" re
> Italian media monopoly, railed on Italian PM and GW
> Bush. Announcer Dan Roberts w/ schedule, encouraged SW
> listening and micro-powered alternative news sources,
> gave a web address I could not copy and his personal
> address for POB 1162, California, 95490. I could not
> copy the town name. I heard mention of "Short wave
> Report" before 2042 sign-off. I stayed on frequency
> until 2049 but nothing followed. I haven't checked
> IRRS schedules yet to see if this was special Xmas or
> regular prg. Any ideas?? Poor, best in USB.
> (Barbour-NH)

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