[HCDX] Shortwave Radio Logs from Southern California
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[HCDX] Shortwave Radio Logs from Southern California

ASCENSION ISLAND      VOA Relay      17.885    2000 GMT    EE     333 Dec
24th     YL with VOA ID and OM with news items. //17895 [544]via
Greensvile-NC    MacKenzie-CA

ASCENSION ISLAND      BBCWS Relay      17.830    2005 GMT    EE     333 Dec
24th     YL with news item on the recent terrorist bombing in Bahgdad today.
//12095 [333]via Ascension.    MacKenzie-CA

FR GUIANA      Swiss Radio Intl Relay      17.660    2020 GMT    EE/GG
433 Dec 24th     Pop rock music-then in German at 2030 hrs with OM  with
comments.    MacKenzie-CA

MADAGASCAR      Radio Nederlands Relay      11.655    2100 GMT    DD     433
Dec 24th     IS and ID by an OM and then an OM with a newscast. //15315
[333]via Bonaire and 17810 [333]via Bonaire.    MacKenzie-CA

NORTH MARIANAS      RFA Relay      15.510    2044 GMT    CC     333 Dec 24th
YL and OM with comments. NO Chinese music station jammer heard on this
frequency. //13.625 [333] Loud Music Jammer heard with voices in the
backgroundand much noise.    MacKenzie-CA

PORTUGAL      RDP Intl      17.680    2022 GMT    PP     333 Dec 24th     OM
with comments and also a YL with an ID and back to the OM with more
comments.    MacKenzie-CA

RWANDA      Voice of Germany Relay      17.735    2018 GMT    PP     444 Dec
24th     OM with Christmas choir music in German. //9875 [333]via Rawanda
and 11945 [333]via Rwanda.    MacKenzie-CA

UNITED STATES      WBCQ      17.495 usb     2320 GMT    EE     333 Dec 17th
Glenn Hauser with the World of Radio #212?? with various news items, radio
logs from his listeners, ARRL notes and Propagation updates for Dec 16th.
WBCQ ID by OM and info on WBCQ. S/off at 2331 hrs.

To All A Happy Kwanzaa 2003!

Stewart H. MacKenzie, WDX6AA
"World Friendship Through Shortwave Radio Where Culture and Language Meet"
ASWLC - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ASWLC/
SCADS - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SCADS/

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