[HCDX] Logs from ONT, week ending Dec.27
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[HCDX] Logs from ONT, week ending Dec.27

AUSTRALIA - 5995 Radio Australia 1404 Dec 21. With ID and news read by man.
// 9590.  Fair to Good (DRoss-ONT Canada)
MADAGASCAR - 12080 Radio Nederland (via Talata-Volondry relay) 1424 Dec 21.
With a preview of the coming weeks programs. Good // 15595 Fair (DRoss-ONT
SEYCHELLES - 9630 BBC relay 2030 Dec 21. With an ID and Newshour, a news
summary read by man. Fair (DRoss-ONT Canada)
SOUTH AFRICA - 11765 BBC (via Meyerton relay) 0419 Dec 21. With a talk about
the Czech and Slovak Republics since the split of Czechoslovakia. Good
(DRoss-ONT Canada)
UZBEKISTAN - 12070 Radio Nederland (via Tashkent relay) 1424 Dec 21. With a
preview of the coming weeks programs. Poor (DRoss-ONT Canada)

David Ross, Hamilton, Ontario, CANADA
Icom IC-R70/Eskab & Edvis PLAM
Alpha Delta 60' slopers
Partridge Electronics Joystick antenna & Joymatch IIIb tuner

Editor for ODXA (Technical News)
Editor for CIDX (Logbook)
Also a member of NASWA and DSWCI

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