[HCDX] Radio tre 6311 , a repost
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[HCDX] Radio tre 6311 , a repost

The follwing log has been sent to a  'faulty' list 
on 23th . I resend to anybody again.  
Sorry for any inconvenience for any mate Dxers  
receiveing this log in double! 
MOre news in diferent message 

and update: Again 6310 on 28th with steady level of 
S8 on 2x16 m dipole at 1714 UTC 

Merry Christmas  and happy new Year to eveybody. 

Radio Tre , Italy , has been heard today 23th on QSN  
6311kHz 1910 UTC wih fair to good signal. Program 
included  pop and rock songs  and ID on 1911  with 
Jingle Bells  tune preceeded the ID . No QRM 
Reception with Degen 1102  fully deployed telescopic  
antenna  , inside  Thessaloniki

Right now 2003  on house found QRG is 6310.24 , S 7 
, SINPO 43343 (sporadic by CW and TTY ) . MIxed 
songs Liangas Dec 23th Thesaloniki Greece 

pen-DX sejak 72 - anggota World-DX-Club 2104,Play 
DX, dll
http://www.schoechi.de/crw/crw-sat.html  Cland web 
page (new!) 
PP: R75/HF150/MVT7100/D2935  + 16m/1x1 + 
/trip2k.htm (dlm Bkk,SNG,BAli)   /MP3_comp.htm 
comparison Xing/Fastenc 

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