[HCDX] Shortwave Radio Logs from Southern California
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[HCDX] Shortwave Radio Logs from Southern California

CHINA      The Music Jammer      9.455    1750 GMT    CC     333 Dec 25th
YL and OM with comments plus the music jammer was heard in the background.

GERMANY      Voice of Germany      9.715    1805 GMT    RR     444 Dec 25th
OM with comments then two YLs with conversation.    MacKenzie-CA

GUAM      Trans World Radio      9.500    1755 GMT    EE     333 Dec 25th
Choir with Christmas music plus a YL ancr.    MacKenzie-CA

INDIA      All India Radio      9.425    1745 GMT    EE     333 Dec 25th
OM talking about kick boxing in India.    MacKenzie-CA

SAIPAN      KFBS      9.465    1753 GMT    RR     232 Dec 25th     OM with
comments in Russian.    MacKenzie-CA

SRI LANKA      VOA Relay      9.645    1758 GMT    EE     444 Dec 25th
Music IS and YL with an ID and off the air at 1759 hrs.    MacKenzie-CA

SRI LANKA      Voice of Germany Relay      9.655    1759 GMT    Unknown
Language     444 Dec 25th     Voice of Germany IS and suddenly off the air
at 1800 hrs.

TAIWAN      CNR1      9.380    1740 GMT    CC     332 Dec 25th     OM with
comments but noise on the channel blocked the station at times.

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL and Happy Kwanzaa Holidays

Stewart H. MacKenzie, WDX6AA
"World Friendship Through Shortwave Radio Where Culture and Language Meet"
ASWLC - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ASWLC/
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