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I received 4 new QSL's in todays mail, three MW and one SW. I can't
remember the last time I received four QSLs in one day, but it has been

630      CHINA, China National International, received full detail card
(except location) in 82d for taped report. No V/S. Beautiful stamps on
emvelope. Address: China Radio International, PO Box 4501, Dept.
Audience, Beijing, China. MW China QSL #34. (PM-OR)

1150    USA, OR, Portland, KRMZ, rec ppc back in 22d, ex KKGT. V/S;
Spencer French-CE. Address: 24 South A Street, Ste #C, Washougal  WA
98671-2101. (PM-OR)

1520    USA, OR, Portland, KZNY, rec. ppc back in 22d, ex KKSN, V/S:
Spencer French-CE. Address: 24 South A Street Ste. #C, Washougal  WA
98671-2101. MW QSL 2873. (PM-OR)

Patrick Martin
Seaside  OR
KAVT Reception Manager

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