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While on vacation, three new ones showed up.

612     DYHP     PHILIPPINES, Cebu City, 2nd Floor, Gold Palace Bldg,
Osmena Blvd, Cebu City. Rec. letter in 50df V/S Cynthia L. Barte-Atty,
station manager. Philippine QSL #22. (PM-OR)

1140     KSLD     ALASKA, Soldonta, 40960 K-Beach Rd, Kenai AK  99611,
rec. letter and 2 stickers in 12df. V/S: Mary McCubbins-sec.. AK QSL
#55. (PM-OR)

1700    KVNS    TEXAS, Brownsville, address: 901 E. Pike Blvd, Weslaco
TX  78596, rec. QSL letter in 20d. V/S: John Munoz-assit. eng. (PM-OR)

Patrick Martin
Seaside  OR
KAVT Reception Manager

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