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[HCDX] Logs

Before the logs a quick plug for the New Zealand tourist industry. If you 
fancy a holiday with a long surf beach as far as the eye can see, crystal 
clean water with no nasty stinging creatures, wine farms within driving 
distance, fishing par excellence and great DX for the Americas and parts of 
Asia and the Pacific, try Ohope Beach on the North Island's east coast- the 
aptly named Bay of Plenty.  Best weather, mid January to mid March.

Although primarily looking for medium wave Dx, the following logs were 
interesting. All made on AOR 7030 with a 15m long wire.


5049.99, ARDS, best heard at 18.03, which is morning in NZ, giving station 
details and the phone number  "8997 3910", weak at best, evening loggings 
post 10.00 obliterated by Chinese language on 5050 (confirming Guy Atkins 
observations), although "Oh come all ye faithful" heard the previous 
evening at 09.54. Look out for lots of hymns to help ID (Norrie, 17th Jan)


3255.04, Radio Dif  6 de Agosto(p), 09.50, weak but distinctive Brazilian 
language, accordion type music then male  almost preaching voice, needs 
more work and a longer wire! (Norrie, Jan 13th)


2960, RPDT2  Manggarai (p), 11.06, slow Indonesian language with frequent 
mentions of "radio..." but never strong enough to hear full ID, not // to 
any of the RRI's (not unexpected), new log for me, only audible the one 
evening although carrier present most nights (Norrie, 15th Jan)

3344.86 RRI Ternate, 10.33, tuning through band came across this one with 
about 5 ID's in 30 seconds, fair to good (Norrie, 17th Jan)

4790 RRI Fak Fak, 10.28, playing cover versions of "Venus" (Shocking blue) 
and "Honky Tonk woman" (RollingStones), strong ID and regular every 
evening, rock solid on 4790. (Norrie, 17th Jan)

4870 RRI Wamena, 09.36, have seen this reported as Sorong  but I heard firm 
"Wamena" ID with news on (strangely) Andrah Pradesh Indian affairs (Norrie, 
16th Jan)

6160, V of the Islamic Republic (p), 04.39, fair signal with Arabic 
language (Norrie, 17th Jan)

3930.05  Korean BC(p), 09.42, little reported station in Korean language, 
plagued by mild jamming (Norrie 16th Jan)


Bandscan revealed following frequencies active Jan 13th at 09.50 most with 
good to very good signals

3205, 3220, 3260, 3275, 3290, 3305, 3325, 3335, 3365, 3375. 3325 
(Bougainville) outlet had news at 10.04 of two policeman being fined 900 
Kena for possession of pornographic material, excellent signal (Norrie, Jan 
13th). 4890 heard at 19.00,"this is the national broadcasting corporation 
of PNG" .


5009.67 R Altura, 10.52, lovely signal with announcer proclaiming on 
countries and places in SA, "Bolivia, ... Santiago..." clear ID as Radio 
Altura (Norrie, 15th Jan)

David Norrie
New Zealand

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