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[HCDX] Logs

Mark  Mohrmann
Coventry, Vt. USA
NRD 535D
V-Beam 140m @180 deg.

BRAZIL 4865.04 Radio Missoes da Amazonia, Jan 21, 0945-1007,
ballads with short canned ID's between songs, "...Missoes da
Amazonia...onda tropicais...", good signal. (Mohrmann-VT)

COLOMBIA 2200.08 HJMK Emisora Ideal (2x1100), Jan 22, 
1050-1104, music,announcer between songs with ID in 
passing at 1057 into ad block, fair to good signal 
// 3300.12 (Mohrmann-VT)

MEXICO 4810.00 XERTA, Jan 17, 1023-1157*, program of contemporary
christian music, blues, gospel, funk and an over-the-top rock
religious fight song with the refrain "God's got an army and he's
not afraid to fight", canned ID at 1053, and sign-off in mid-song
at 1157, a pretty strange and unsettling mix of music coming from
Mexico. (Mohrmann-VT)

PERU 3329.46 (tentative) Ondas de Huallaga, Jan 23, 1037-1103,
unusually good signal this morning with Vernacular christian
religious talk and singing, 1054 program ending announcement
followed by long ad block including a message from the Ministry
of Health and a tentative ID at 1102, normally strong CHU was
almost totally minimized in LSB receive mode. (Mohrmann-VT)

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