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[HCDX] Logs

4600.19 BOLIVIA  Radio Perla del Acre, Cobija presumed at 1020 to 1030
some audio.
"Esta la radio Perla del Acre transmitiedo todavia?  Me parece que he
escahado esta emisora a las 1030 y 2330 hora de GMT"  26 March

4650.29  BOLIVIA  Radio Santa Ana, Santa Ana de Yacuma  1020 to 1040
music, om  en español, ID by om, fair  to good signal  26 March

6045.16  MEXICO   XEXQ Radio Unversidad, Potosí  1210v. to 1230 presumed
the one with very poor signal.  23, 25, 26 March [Wilkner-FL]

        73's de Florida,   Bob

NRD 535D  -  Icom R75 Kiwa modified - Noise reducing antenna - ten meter
long wire
Pompano Beach, Florida
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