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Hello again 
Local grid QRN seems to lower quite much so that some SWLIng is 
still possible.  MY computer  seems  to work properly though  still 
several modules are not 100% coreclty  working as eg CD/DVD burning 
, LAN connection 

BRAZIL  Yesterday October 2nd several Brazil stations have vbeen 
heard quite well at 2000 Here is a listing. 
11815 R Brazil central 2020 with amnphatic talks by OM. I Presume 
football 33412 S7 from crosscarrier QRM 
11830 R Arhangueira  2020 also with sdeemingly football S7 max 
9615 R Cultura 2026 with talks by YL , gap muisc and back to talks S3
9645 R Aparecida 2030 , counter QRM by vatican Radio 
Liangas Oct 2nd THS Greece 

Other logs: 
S TOME 4940  VOA 2000 with IS , 2002 news in EG. From when they 
were there? Liangas Oct 2nd THS Greece 

ITALY 5775 IRRS ca2015 with songs , recheck on 2029 , signed off at 
2030 . S8 34343Liangas Oct 2nd THS Greece 

NL? 5815 WMR 2035 with ballads , 2042 with jingle ID and songs " My 
romeo" , S( 34343 Liangas Oct 2nd THS Greece 

PIrate 6220 MYstery radio with rock songs 2051 with ID and  continuing 
with pop songs , S8 33333 Liangas Oct 2nd THS Greece 

Australia 15515 and 15415, 0615  talks in technology and news , 34433 
on both freqs Liangas Oct 3rd THS Greece 

New Zealand 11820 RNZI 0620 an interview with a woman S5 32432 
sotrng splatter from 11815 R Liberty  in russian at S10-20
Also on 9885 on 0722 with posibly news and S3-5 , 22432 
Liangas Oct 3rd THS Greece 

MSIA 15295 VoM 0729 in eng prg , playing a viet  type song . S7 
31432  due to RFI +30 db level signal Liangas Oct 3rd THS Greece 

AUSTRALIA 17820 V Intl 0941  with indon  Prg , songs and talks by 
two OM abt English language translation and learning and several 
words spelled.'Aku cinta padamu' by Sheila Majid  at 0946 . S0 , 24233 
Liangas Oct 3rd THS Greece 

INDIA 4950 AIR Srinagar 1630-52  with continuous talks between OM 
And YL in HIndi S9 34333 Liangas Oct 3rd THS Greece 
Zacharias Liangas , Thessaloniki Greece 
Pesawat penerima: ICOM R75 , Lowe HF150 , Degen 1102 , Chibo 
Yupi 7000 , 
Antenna: 16m hor, 2x16 m V invert, 1m australian loop 

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World Radio TV Handbook 2004 is out!


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