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IT seem that the local grid QRN  has been  quite much lowered , 
following several storms and low temperatures 

Malaysia  9750 V of Islam 1630 with song, news in ML , 42443 
intermixed with R Japan . Both S8 (Liangas Oct 15th Thessaloniki 
UZBEKISTAN? 4760 R Liberty in Farsi 1637 at S7 , Mostly with talks 
and reports , S7 33343(Liangas Oct 15th Thessaloniki Greece) 

unIDed 4860  with Quran at 1645 mixed with AIR but its signal is 
always lower. Signal level abt S8, signed off at 1700   (Liangas Oct 
15th Thessaloniki Greece) 

Corea 	6398.8 Pyongyang Pangsong OM with talks in corean S7, 
32432 QRM by ARQ in LSB and CW at USB (Liangas Oct 15th 
Thessaloniki Greece) 

Australia 15415/15515 R Australia with station IS jingle at 0559 ( 
penetration to SEA etc) 1600 LT following with News Both S7 44434  
same quality also in Degen (Liangas Oct 16th Thessaloniki Greece) 

NEW ZEALAND ?? 9885 RNZI 0882 with sports news and song at 
0825 , 13332 Also at 0831 on 17th with religious like talks and again 
marginal signal about S3 with 16 db amplification  (Liangas Oct 16th 
Thessaloniki Greece) 

DENMARK K 5815 WMR 1537  and again 2003-2100  with rock at 
most songs S8 34333 (Liangas Oct 16th Thessaloniki Greece) 

SPORE 7235 Warna with mixed program. on 1525 QRM by a ARQ-E 
system on 7238 constant level at S8. New QRM on 1556  from 7240 
TWR at S9+20  (Liangas Oct 16th Thessaloniki Greece) 

LITHUANIA 9710 R Vilnius 0839 news and program in english.S6 , 
33333 (Liangas Oct 17th Thessaloniki Greece) 

CHINA/JAPAN 17650 CRI French  and NHK/RJ  mixed  signals on 
0945 . Audio interchange seems  the FM way (Liangas Oct 17th 
Thessaloniki Greece)

GEORGIA 9495 R.Rep. Abkhazia 1143 with Russian songs , ID at 
1145 'R Respublika Abkhazia' , with talks by OM and YL then sign off 
at1148 . S7 max 34323 (Liangas Oct 17th Thessaloniki Greece)

[to PAKISTAN ] 9510 R Aaap ki Dunia 1450 ID by YL in Urdu , S9_ 10 
43433 QRM BBC (Liangas Oct 17th Thessaloniki Greece)

ute: 17222 USB , Bern radio , ID carousel on 1505  Good signal 
(Liangas Oct 17th Thessaloniki Greece)

Zacharias Liangas , Thessaloniki Greece 
Pesawat penerima: ICOM R75 , Lowe HF150 , Degen 1102 , Chibo 
Yupi 7000 , 
Antenna: 16m hor, 2x16 m V invert, 1m australian loop 

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