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ute: 17222 USB , Bern radio , ID carousel on 1505  Good signal 
(Liangas Oct 17th Thessaloniki Greece)

On 20 Oct at 1904 on 8782U I heard Bernradio with
taped announcement in German and French about
their new plans. It seems they already dropped their
radiotelephone service on 27 Sep 2004.
Their website http://www.bernradio.ch/br_en.html
gives this info:

"From 1st January 2004, Bernradio has been under the
Management of RUAG Aerospace.
We are pleased to supply the following information:

Bernradio is rapidly being modernised and equipped with a
digital shortwave transmission system. Moreover, the
cooperation with Kielradio GmbH is being intensified.

The Radiotelephone and DTS service was closed down on
27th September 2004. Our new service: Digital shortwave
tranmission will be operational on 1st January 2005.

Bernradio and Kielradio GmbH would be pleased to welcome
you as one of our customers.

We are in the process of creating a new brochure which will
also appear shortly on this website. In the meantime you are
welcome to visit : www.kielradio.de

For any information that you urgently require please contact:


they will be happy to assist you."
Jari Savolainen

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