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Pirate 6310 unIDed pirate with pop songs S3 33333  quite better at 
1840  at S7 with rock songs . Liangas 27 th. Possibly  same  station on 
28th and 1530! 

ETHIOPIA 6210 /6940 R Fana 1800 in clear signal , man with 
commentaries  flowered  by short music intervals At 1816   with lengthy 
folklore song  32442 for 6210 , 24342 for 6940 Liangas 27 THS Greece

SOMALIA 6960  R Shabele 1820 , Emphatic  talks by OM and YL in 
local lang . At 1830 discussions by two men. At 1836 with drums and 
back to talks by OM  . no signal indication on my radio but quite good 
audio at 13432, sometimes slight suffering from Reshet Bet  on 6973 
Liangas 27 THS Greece

Cland 9495 WFIA 1900 via WRMI? signal started with tones and YL 
possibly IDing the station with tune underneath . continuous talks by YL 
. At 2108 heard abt Islam Iran At 2109 with hymn followed by YL 
Mentions on Iraq Iran and Islam . signal S5 33433 . Quite poor using 
Kchibo and Degen radios over windows Liangas 27 THS Greece

unIDed 4885 at 0643 with old French pop songs S3 34333. One of the  
two stations heard on early mornings here. Liangas 28 THS Greece 

IRAN? 15085 IRIB?? 0730 with prg in German with immediate imam 
preaching . Signal S5 34433 Liangas 28 THS Greece

KOREA N  15245.43 V or Korea in an uncommon QRG and carrier 
drifting downwards! POx in RU lang and echoed audio . News mixed 
with hymns . S5 max 34423
Also 6250 Pyongyang Pangsong 1225 with operas Tune in 1305 with 
YL/OM with news ON 12xx  signal is clear at 24232 but on 13xx at 
22232 due to digital stream on 6251 Liangas 28 THS Greece

MSIA 15295 VoM 1110 with news read by OM in BAhasa Malaysia 
Signal adn on 1116 prg  'rancangan Wanita'  S9 33433 . Oe of the best 
receptions  I had. Liangas 28 THS Greece

ZAMBIA   4965 Voice ID 'the voice' ,  shows religious examples , 1826 
with a  'soul' song ,1830 several IDs,1838 with hip hop song ! Liangas 
29 THS Greece
Zacharias Liangas , Thessaloniki Greece 
Pesawat penerima: ICOM R75 , Lowe HF150 , Degen 1102 , Chibo 
Yupi 7000 , 
Antenna: 16m hor, 2x16 m V invert, 1m australian loop 

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