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[HCDX] Venezuelan radio

Venezuela is following Canada's lead in terms of mandating local content on the
radio. According to an article in the New York Times, a new law requires that
"At least 50 percent of a radio station's programming must be Venezuelan music
and at least 85 percent of its commercials must be Venezuelan-made. The law
allows the government to impose fines and permits regulators to close stations
that break the rules." With so few Venezuelans on SW any more, this is mostly
of interest to MW DXers. 

The article mostly deals with how the new law regulates violence and sex on
television when children might be watching. (Hmmm... does Hugo Chavez have
higher moral standards than the Fox TV network and the US politicans that
support it?) The article is at the following URL, but read it soon - usually
after two or three days you have to pay to see them. 

Don Moore

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