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[HCDX] RNZI radio heritage documentary recalls 8DR Darwin Horror Christmas in 1974

8DR Darwin's Horror Christmas 1974

    A reminder that this radio heritage documentary is currently available to listen to and download at the Radio New Zealand International website www.rnzi.com until December 20. 
    Produced in association with the Radio Heritage Foundation (www.radioheritage.net) it looks at how 8DR Darwin coped with the effects of Cyclone Tracy on Christmas Day 1974, includes excerpts from the emergency SW relay broadcasts via Radio Australia, details the history of broadcasting in Darwin from it's beginnings during WW2, and includes the hit single 'Santa Never Made it into Darwin' performed by New Zealand duo Bill & Boyd.
    Recalling 8DR's horror Christmas 30 years ago this year, this is the third in a series of radio heritage documentaries currently being broadcast during the Mailbox session from RNZI in Wellington.

Warm regards
David Ricquish
Wellington, New Zealand
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