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[HCDX] Tocobagadx #75

12 December, 2004
E-mail: tocobagadx@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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© 2004, Terry L Krueger.  Retransmit or quote all or any
portion only with full credit given to TOCOBAGA DX and all
attributed sources.  All frequencies are in KHz unless
otherwise stated.  Times/dates in GMT/UTC unless otherwise stated.

540.19 NICARAGUA Radio Corporación, Managua; 0233-0236 Dec. 10.  Very good
w/ SP man nx summary, into soft SP vocals.  (Krueger)

590 GEORGIA WDWD, Atlanta; 1118-1130 Dec. 10.  Finally nailed down this
Radio Disney format source, thanks to a local spot, as the suspected WDWD.
Fair-good on peaks (parallel local 1380) until hard break at 1120, several
commercials, then a female w/ a promo for a Radio Disney remote on the 14th
at the "Town Center Mall" (which is in Kennesaw), and "Radio Disney AM 590"
just before returning to net audio.  (Krueger)

1190 CUBA Radio Sancti Spiritus, Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus; 1114-1120 Dec.
10.  SP female announcer, into soft vocal, parallel 1210.  (Krueger)

1430 FLORIDA WOIR, Homestead; 0315-0328 Dec. 12.  Doubt this was running
night power, as very good w/ SP modern Christian vocals, SP M "...
Amanecer..."  At 0323, male canned Spanglish ID as "Esta es WOIR [calls in
English], Homestead-Miami."  (Krueger)

1540 CUBA Radio Sagua, Sagua la Grande, Villa Clara; 1045-1104 Dec. 10.
Trading signals w/ ZNS-1.  SP female babble, then a rundown of events in
Villa Clara province from 1100, ID/TC at 1102 and into SP vocal.  (Krueger)

1540 BAHAMAS ZNS-1 Radio Bahamas, Nassau, New Poividence; 1045-1104 Dec. 10.
Over and under Radio Sagua w/ locally-produced "Old Time Religion" gospel
music show until 1059.  Then, interesting to hear orchestral "God Save the
Queen" from 1059.  Not many places on the dial one hears GSTQ any more.
Parallel 810, but as always, no trace of 1240 (I only hear this one when I
do my remote sessions at Long Key State Park, Layton in the middle Keys).

1580 FLORIDA WCCF, Punta Gorda; 1104-1114 Dec. 10.  End of ABC News feed,
national spots, local male weather ("... high near 70... currently
67-degrees... NewsRadio 1580, WCCF."  Was hoping for something else at this
hour.  (Krueger)

1680 FLORIDA City of Sanibel, Sanibel Island; while checking up on some TIS
entries on 1680 in the FCC dB, I noticed this one is listed as application
pending status (not yet active and no calls assigned).

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