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[HCDX] HCDX logs between 2004-12-12 0000 UTC and 2004-12-13 0000 UTC

Hard-Core-DX.com logs from 2004-12-12 0000 UTC to 2004-12-13 0000 UTC

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   972 Dec 12 1228-1231 Ukraine: relay of Radiokanal Sodruzhestvo from
   Moscow. SINPO 35333. Italian song. Time announcement at 1230, then
   into regional news. Goes via Kopani tx. Dmitry Mezin-RUS

   5925  Dec  12  1403-1406  Germany: relay of Radio Traumland (Belgium).
   SINPO  33433.  ABBA's  "Hasta  manana" song; male comments after 1405.
   Very slight QRM by China. Dmitry Mezin-RUS

   South America

   4386.6 Dec 12 0340-0415 Peru: Tentative: R. Imperio. Spanish language
   religious programming. Weak but clear signal audible in New Hampshire.

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