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[HCDX] Re: Romania on 7100 kHz

I guess that was a single keyboard slip of the local technician, instead of
7180 kHz usage.

Use of 7100 kHz by RRI Russian service lasted only few days at season start

Then yours truly informed the German and IARU Ham radio Intruder Watch,
German Telecom RegTP, and various guys of the Frequency Management front in
Romania at RRI/RRO organizations via their known e-mail addresses.

Then Director Adrian Diacnescu answered apologies on a very friendly letter.

"Radio Romania International have left 7100 kHz by November 3rd, 2004.
That is very good news. Without the Intruder Watch that station would
still continue transmitting as nowbody would tell the "Audio Communication
Department / National Radio Communications Company" in Bucharest to leave
the frequency. Please read the letter of Mr Diaconescu at the bottom of
this email. Tnx!

My thanks go to Mr Adrian Diaconescu from Radio Romania International who
has made such a quick freq change possible. Big thanks also to German ham
Wolfgang Bueschel DF5SX who first alerted me of the new sked of RRI on
7100 kHz and who know the "right man at the right place" in Bucharest.

Cordially yours in the IARU MONITORING SYSTEM,
Ulrich ("Uli") Bihlmayer, DJ9KR Coordinator of DARC-MS Intruder Watch

Adrian Diaconescu schrieb:
Dear Sir,
Regarding the interference on 7100 kHz I would like to inform you that
starting with November 3rd, 2004 the program in Russian lang from 1600-
1700 UTC will be broadcast on 7135 kHz.

Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience created to you.
Adrian DIACONESCU, Head of Audio Communications Dept., National Radio
Communications Company, Romania. (via Ulrich Bihlmayer DJ9KR, BC-DX Nov 3)

These requirements have been added:
7135 1600-1700 29 TIG 250 37 0 205  311004 270305 RUSSIAN ROU RRO

These requirements have been removed:
7100 1600-1700 29 TIG 250 37 0 205  311004 270305 RUSSIAN ROU RRO
(Nov 3)"

----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Dmitry Mezin" Sent: Thursday, December 16, 2004 7:54 AM
Subject: [HCDX] Romania on 7100 kHz

> Hi all,
> Just heard the final part of R.Romania Intl. French Service on 7100 kHz.
> Tuned in at 0618, tx went off at 0626, after reading of schedule, playing
> some music and adding a couple of IS. SINPO 34433.
> Radio amateurs usually concider operation of high-power txers on this
> frequency as intrusion. And I recall that at the very start of this season,
> RRI already used 7100 kHz for Russian broadcast at 1600-1700, but then was
> persuaded to leave it.
> There is no mention of 7100 kHz in schedule at www.rri.ro, though.
> 73!
> Dmitry Mezin
> Kazan, Russia

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