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Re: [HCDX] Romania on 7100 kHz

Hi all,

Today 7100 kHz was empty at 0600-0630, while RRI's French Service operated
7160 and 7180 kHz, i.e. in full accordance with the schedule. Yesterday's
transmission on 7100 kHz might probably be their tuning error.


> Message: 4
> Date: Thu, 16 Dec 2004 09:54:12 +0300
> From: "Dmitry Mezin" <dm65@xxxxxxxx>
> Subject: [HCDX] Romania on 7100 kHz
> Just heard the final part of R.Romania Intl. French Service on 7100 kHz.
> Tuned in at 0618, tx went off at 0626, after reading of schedule, playing
> some music and adding a couple of IS. SINPO 34433.

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