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[HCDX] Re: Romania on 7100 kHz

Message: 4
Date: Thu, 16 Dec 2004 09:54:12 +0300
From: "Dmitry Mezin" <dm65@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: [HCDX] Romania on 7100 kHz

Hi all,

Just heard the final part of R.Romania Intl. French Service on 7100 kHz.
Tuned in at 0618, tx went off at 0626, after reading of schedule, playing
some music and adding a couple of IS. SINPO 34433.

Radio amateurs usually concider operation of high-power txers on this border
frequency as intrusion. And I recall that at the very start of this season,
RRI already used 7100 kHz for Russian broadcast at 1600-1700, but then was
persuaded to leave it.

There is no mention of 7100 kHz in schedule at www.rri.ro, though.

Dmitry Mezin
Kazan, Russia

Broadcasters using frequencies like this are some kind of a problem for hams, not forgetting that the amateur band on 40 metres is slowly expanding to 7200 kHz, in U.K. this year, in many countries in the coming years. North America has the same problem on 80-75 metre band as their 3500 kHz ham band is wider there. The broadcasting bandwidth is usually more or less 10 kHz and therefore this "border" frequency, 7100 (future 7200) kHz, should be totally "silenced".

7100 kHz minus 5 kHz definitely makes splashes to ham LSB
reception on, say, 7097 kHz.

73's, Matti Ponkamo, Naantali, Finland

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