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[HCDX] bc logs

Very good reception here in Denmark of the Italian station on 4509 kHz -
from tune in at 2330 UTC till now 0230 UTC. S 6-9 with a few deep fades
and occasional utility QRM - otherwise SINPO: 35444. No IDs at all
during two hours of listening.  

Now at 0230 UTC I can also receive the station on 1503 kHz - but with a
lot of interference, mainly from the UK.  

Best 73s
Stig Hartvig Nielsen,
(Using 200 metres of long wire pointing towards Italy) 

Sendt: 22. december 2004 20:53
Til: hard-core-dx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Emne: AW: [HCDX] bc logs

<< 04510 ni 1851 222 variété italienne? Dec22 04

This is the 3rd harmonic of an Italian MW station. I can hear it
here in South Germany and could also hear it on   the base frequency
kHz. The exact frequency is 4508.99. They play mostly italian pop music.
never could hear an ID (perhaps I did not wait long enough). There is
heavy Utility QRM in the USB so it is heard better in LSB.

Günter Lorenz
Freising, Germany
Icom R75 + magnetic loop

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