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[HCDX] LF Conference Still Under Consideration

Decisions to be made in December.

      Carl-Henrik Walde, Secretary of the Swedish National Committee of
URSI, says response to his earlier announcement of a possible LF conference
near the site of SAQ in Sweden has been enthusiastic, but somewhat limited
in numbers. He writes, "We have tried to estimate the number of participants
and I always come up short of what we really need. That said, we are in the
process of finding sponsors. Without such support, it will not be possible
to keep the cost sufficiently low. We might have 'VLF05' as a seminar as I
think that the most important thing is to offer a gathering in a suitable
meeting area." He adds, "I hope you will still set aside space in your 2005
calender for VLF05. We still have hotel rooms."

      Walde and other planners are due to meet in Varberg, the proposed
venue for the gathering, this month to establish the scope of the conference
or seminar. Invitations, if the event is to be held, will possibly be
e-mailed in January.

      The event is planned for the end of June and first of July, 2005, to
include the 80th anniversary of SAQ's formal inauguration on July 2nd. (The
station actually began handling traffic on the first of December, 1924, for
those interested in historical side notes.)

      To learn more about the possible event and to offer your thoughts,
please read the earlier announcement

 For additional information on the Nordic HF04 conference, SAQ, or the
Varberg area, see the following:

· HF04 www.nordichf.org

· SAQ   www.alexander.n.se (click Union Jack)

· Town of Varberg varberg.se (click Union Jack)

· SAQ Articles in English hem.passagen.se/sk0mt
    (click TSA logo to proceed, look for Grimeton 2/3 down in left column).


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