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[HCDX] World Music Radio

WMR (World Music Radio) is on the air right now (Friday 1230 UTC) and
until Monday morning 0700 UTC. The frequency is 5815 kHz - and power is
5 kW. 

And without any Christmas music... guaranteed :-) 

Reception of WMR is possible in large parts of Europe during daytime.
The deep winter seasons means that reception close to the transmitter
site in Denmark becomes poor after sunset. However reception in Southern
Europe should be all right in the evening hours.  

Reception overseas is sporadic but sometimes possible in the Americas
after 22 UTC. From Africa, Asia and Pacific we haven't received any
reports recently.

Best 73s
Stig Hartvig Nielsen

World Music Radio
P O Box 112
DK-8900 Randers

We apologise for not having sent out QSL cards yet - but they WILL be
sent out in the new year. Please be patient.

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