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[HCDX] Logs and QSL from NH-USA, week ending Dec.25

Merry Christmas from New Hampshire,USA to all DXers
worldwide. Apologies for the lenghty list but lots of
good loggings here in the mountains. Any help IDing
the 9290-Lativa unids. is greatly appreciated.

3306, ZIMBABWE, R.Zimbabwe, 0023-0035, Dec.25,
Vernacular, Phone-in program b/w musical bits and
banter b/w announcers. Passing mention of "R.Zimbabwe"
at 0030. Fair with static. (Barbour-NH)

4026.8, KURDISTAN, VO the People of Kurdistan,
0341-0402, Dec.20, Kurdish, Martial/anthem music, OM
at 0350 mentioning "Kurdistan", "Democrati" and "Iraq"
Also mentions of "kHz" but couldn't fully copy
frequency. Ko'ran into talks over music thru 0400.
Booming at t/in, choppy by t/out. (Barbour-NH)

4760, LIBERIA, ELWA Radio, 2123-2137-?, Dec.225,
English, "Silent Night" at t/in followed by whisper
quiet announcer, lost in the muck by 2137. Very
poor/weak. (Barbour-NH)

4775, INDIA, AIR Imphal, 1224-1240, Dec.24,
Vernacular, OM w/ talks, ID at 1230, choral-like
music, brief announcer w/ ID at 1233 into what sounded
like a radio drama with a big drop in audio.
Fair/poor, f/out by 1240. (Barbour-NH)

4777, GABON, RTV Gabonaise, 0547-0612, Dec.21, French,
Announcer at t/in, OM into drums at 0550 followed by
talk over and b/w music bits thru 0600, (t)ID and
talks thru t/out. Fair at best. (Barbour-NH)

4810, MEXICO, XERTA, 0312-0333, Dec.20, Spanish,
Announcer w/ talks b/w ballads and up-tempo music.
Full ID w/ call letters and (p) contact info at 0030.
Fair w/ prop. flutter. (Barbour-NH)

4890, PAPUA NEW GUINEA, NBC, 1244-1306, Dec.24,
English, Christmas concert from Port Moresby. ID at
1300 into news brief re U.N., P.M's Xmas message,
weather, PSA thanking everyone for 2004 work on AIDS
awareness campaign. Back to music at 1305. Good mx
audio, muddy vox. (Barbour-NH)

4910, ZAMBIA, ZBC/Radio 1, 1939-2003, Dec.25,
Vernacular/English, YL announcer w/ talks b/w musical
bits. Pips, drums and EG ID, "Zambia Broadcasting
Corp." and mention of "Radio One". Back to music by
t/out. Fair at best. (Barbour-NH)

4976, UGANDA, R.Uganda, 2053-2102*, Dec.25,
Vernacular, Pop music, announcers w/ banter mentioning
Rwanda and Tanganyka. Afropops until 2102 then off w/o
ID. Fair. (Barbour-NH)

4990, INDIA, AIR Itanagar, 1148-1219, Dec.24,
Vernacular, Hindi music, OM at 1150, dead air at 1200
then more music continuous thru t/out. No discernible
ID noted. Weak with static. (Barbour-NH)

5775, ITALY, IRRS, 2013-2030; 2106-2120, Dec.25,
English, "Free Speech Radio News" re Palestinian
health issues; Israeli raids. Prg. ID/credits, IRRS
ID/contact info. Re-check at 2106 w/ Xmas edition of
"Medialine" prg. w/ interview of NEXUS B/C C.E.O. re
R.Rasant, R.Six Int'l and R.510 Int'l. Host w/ talks
re various Int' SW Xmas programs. Both good.

6055, RWANDA, R.Rwanda, 2031-2052, Dec.25, French,
Phone-in prg. w/ talks over and b/w music. Banter b/w
announcers at passing mentions of "Radio Rwanda".
Booming signal. (Barbour-NH)

6348, UNIDENTIFIED, 1240-1300*-?, Dec.20, Vernacular,
Up-beat pop music in "Asian" dialect and announcer w/
same b/w selections. Talk from 1249 until the signal
was gone/signed-off-? around 1300. Poor under static.
It's either Echo of Hope-Clandestine or Yen Bai
RTV-Vietnam. I'm rooting for the latter. (Barbour-NH)

7145, LAOS, LNR, 1225-1237, Dec.20, Laotian, Ballads
at t/in, Music bits and talks until fanfare at 1230
into talks by OM. Faded under static by t/out. Poor.

7160, THAILAND, 1326-1340, Dec.20, Mandarin/Thai,
Mandarin talks cut-off at 1329, IS/ID in Thai at 1330,
fanfare then YL w/ news. Good. (Barbour-NH)

9290, LATVIA, R.Marabu, 1138-1209, German/English,
Dec.25, Ballads, pop and dance music in EG w/ numerous
GM ID's. Fair/good. (Barbour-NH)

9290, LATVIA, UNIDENTIFIED, 1548-1600*-German/English;
*1600-1627-English/Japanese, Dec.25, Xmas music
including "Father Xmas" by Emerson, Lake and Palmer,
German OM b/w selections. Partial copy of EG
announcement re "..Germany" and "Janaury" followed by
"Winter Wonderland". 

At 1600 seamlessly into a new prg. with EG
announcement mentioning "You are tuned to..?..via 9290
kHz shortwave from Latvia" followed by Japanese pop
music. Other EG announcement mentioned (as best as I
could copy) "On 9290 this is (call-sign-?) Germany via
Latvia with a DXpedition test transmission directed to
the areas of Japan and the Pacific featuring Top 10
music direct from Japan" appreciating reports from
Japan and surrounding areas though no contact info was
ever mentioned. Fair/good signals from both. Who are
these and where are they located??? Dave Valko tip
thinks it's Q103 but I am 99% positive these are two
seperate programs. (Barbour-NH)

7200, RUSSIA, R.Rossii via Yakutsk, 1039-1100, Dec.25,
Russian, Continuos radio drama, breaking up and fading
under static by 1100. As 7200 f/out //7320-Arman began
to f/in. Poor. (Barbour-NH)

9390, PAKISTAN, R.Pakistan, *1600-1615*, Dec.21,
English, "Overseas Svc. of Radio Pakistan" ID at s/on,
news re President and developement. Commentary at 1610
but signal weakening at this time, unusable by s/off.
Poor. (Barbour-NH)

9525, INDONESIA, (t)VO Indonesia, 1342-1355*, Dec.20,
Indo/English-?, Pop ballads w/ OM b/w selections,
tent. EG ID at 1353 (very weak) followed by Spanish-!!
instrumental music until cut-off at 1355. Good mx
audio, poor vox. (Barbour-NH)

9800, UNITED KINGDOM, "Leading the Way", *1700-1730*,
Dec.21, Persian/English, Persian talk over music at
t/in, Religous prg. re Book of Nehemiah. OM w/ EG
phrases followed by YL w/ Persian translation. Music
bridges and YL w/ e-mail address' from 1723 to s/off.
Fair. (Barbour-NH)

15120, NIGERIA, VO Nigeria, 1409-1420, Dec.20,
English, Poor, choppy reception but able to pull out a
few phrases, ID at 1414 and bits of prg.schedule.
Surprised to hear anything in N.H. from VON at this
hour. (Barbour-NH)


GERMANY, 7265, Sudwestrundfunk, f/d "Globe/Logos"
card, stickers and GM form letter detailing closure of
7265 and 6130 shortwave and including MW and Satellite
schedule in 33 days for 1 IRC and an EG rpt.

LIBYA, "VO Africa", Same package recieved by others as
of late w/ n/d letter on sharp looking letterhead,
report form and "Welcome to Libya" CD-ROM from the
General People's Committee for Tourism in 217 days for
an EG rpt. Nice stamp blocks on envelope. (Barbour-NH)

Scott R. Barbour Jr-Intervale,NH-USA
R75, 200' NE and NW Beverages.

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