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[HCDX] Latest Recordings 26/12: Naranjito, JRC NRD 535 and Ten-Tec RX 350D

Quito 26/12 2004

*** Sunday edition:
*** HCLD2 R. Ecos de Naranjito, JRC NRD 535 and
Ten-Tec RX 350D

Naranjito, JRC and Ten-Tec, what´s this? I
already have some recordings of Ecos de Naranjito
but I like their music/greeting program and two
days ago I was lucky to make a new recording with
exactly the same recorded ID the station has with
female DJ. But this time I made the recording
with my new DSP receiver Ten-Tec RX 350D. The
first recording was made with my old JRC NRD 535.

This is a good opportunity to compare these two
receivers. 2 short clips 10-15 sec.

Same recorded ID the station has with female DJ
Both receivers adjusted for best possible
More or less the same signal strength
The same interference from Ecos de Cayambe 9Hz

Listen to the very clear sound from Ten-Tec RX

Comments and recordings at:

73s Bjorn Malm, Quito, Ecuador

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