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[HCDX] Re: [Cumbre DX] Ecuador/India/Unid

Hans Johnsons unID on 5040 kHz:

5040(around 5040.05kHz) is not an open carrier
but very low modulated signal from LV del Upano
and it is not their transmitter that has moved
from 5999.29 to 5040 kHz kHz - I have heard them
both at the same time. 5999.29 LV del Upano,
Nueva Loja(= Lago Agrio) has been off air the
last 10 days or so - strange as they said they
were going to start regular transmissions from
15th of december from their new QTH Nueva Loja. 

73s Bjorn Malm, Quito, Ecuador

 --- Hans Johnson <hans@xxxxxxxxxxx> escribió: 
> Not too much to report, conditions  have not
> been very good.  Hans 
> Johnson Naples FL

UNID 5040 open carrier here mornings during the 
1000 and 1100 hours.  My guess is Upano, Ecuador.
Same pattern as was heard on 5999.3 which has no 
ended, I think it  could be the same transmitter
just shifted to 5040. (Johnson Dec)

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