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[HCDX] Logs

4760.03 00:19 AIR Port Blair (tent), indian songs, YL tx, about the same
type of programming and quality as yesterday. So if this is really Port
Blair, they are on, approx. 24 h after the disaster stroke. 27.12.2004 SINPO

6175 00:00 Bible Voice, via Al Dabbiya (UAE), ID, E announcement: from 3rd
of January 2005, this broadcast's starting time wil be 15 minutes later,
i.e. at 05:45 local indian time (00:15 UTC), then into indian music
27.12.2004 SINPO 34333

6185.01 00:00 RN da Amazonia, also audible before 00:00, signal seems to get
stronger from 00:00. 27.12.2004 SINPO 35444, no trace of IRN today. 

6190.008 00:05 Deutschlandfunk, Berlin (D), german, weather, traffic nx,
maritime weather report 27.12.2004 44544 (QRM by tent. Xinjiang PBS with
trad. mx)

6310.22 17:24-19:20 unid clandestine, tent. Kurdish, playing trad. music and
melancholic songs, no jamming, only little Uty QRM. 27.12.2004 SINPO 24433

Günter Lorenz, currently near Pavia, North Italy
Icom R75, 30 m Longwire

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