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[HCDX] TBL available as pdf only

Hello all,

I have to inform you that from now the Tropical Band List will only be
available as a pdf file, mailed as an email attachment. The main
reason is that the Post system in Germany has been restructured, and in
my part of the city there is no post office any more.

Initially I intended to announce this change early enough. But despite
an information I got a week ago from the next post office (which, in
fact, is a tobacco and newspaper shop selling also stamps) the postal
rates for books will go up next year. At December 27, nobody was
able to tell me the new price, no price lists were available yet.

That makes it impossible to plan anything, so I decided to reduce my
use of the German post service to the lowest possible level. Existing
subscriptions will be fulfilled of course.

Pdf copies will still be available as single copies or subscriptions,
and the prices will remain the same.
For further information please refer to

Best regards from Germany and all the best for 2005!


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