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[HCDX] Special programme tomorrow - the future of international broadcasting

Dear Communications World listener,

Again this year, I will be guest host of the New Year's edition of
VOA's Talk to America.

This year the program will be Friday, 31 December after the news at
1600 UTC (new time for TTA).

My friends and I will discuss the future of international

Call us and join the discussion: +1-202-619-3111.  Or send me an e-
mail with your telephone number, and we will call you just before or
during the program.


To Asia on 6160, 7125, 9645, and 9760 kHz shortwave plus 1143 kHz
medium wave.

To Europe/Middle East/North Africa on 9685, 11835, and 15255 kHz
shortwave; and via Hot Bird 3, transponder 76, HB15.

To Africa on 15240, 17715 and 17895 kHz shortwave, plus 909 and 1530
kHz medium wave.

And worldwide via the live audio stream at

Best wishes for 2005!



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