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Re: [HCDX] Alokesh Gupta

Hello Members,

Wolf Harranth (Intermedia from Radio Austria Int) have mailed this yesterday:

some where know the name from G.Victor A. Goonetilleke, 4S7VK (remember: Media Network, Intermedia, VoA...)
I had meet him, this is here mail: :

Great to hear from you. Will respond soon personally.
All of us are ok here. Trying hard to organize some emmergency
communications and also doing some food destributions and things like that.
Since the affected areas are so widespread things are very hard. Everyone
within 1000metres or so of the coast have been badly affected right along
the coast from North to South on the eastern side of the island. In some
areas as fari as 2-3kms. On the Western side not so bad, about 100metres
from the coast.as the  quake was on the Eastern side of the island and the
tidal waves came from the East/ S.East.  You would have seen the vast
destruction..frightening.. Even though my family or very close friends have
not been affected we know too many who have perrished. Some heart breaking
stories are emerging.

Just got back after a hectic day. We are sending a radio amateur team to
the worst affected area to link on HF and try VHF through one of our
functioning repeaters. and a coordinating centre will be set up tomorrow at
"Temple Trees"at the Prime Minister's official residence in Colombo. We
have some more volunteers who would go, but we have a shortage of portable
equipment, transport etc to the affected areas etc.  I hope our efforts
tomorrow to link Hambantota which is in the deep South is successful as it
has been cut off since the first waves hit..

Thank you all for writing..excuse this common note as I am exhauseted after
a very heavy day.

regards Victor -- Dokumentationsarchiv zur Erforschung der Geschichte des Funkwesens und der elektronischen Medien (Internationales Kuratorium QSL COLLECTION) c/o ORF, Argentinierstr. 30A, A-1040 Wien Fon +43-1-501 01-16071 / Fax +43-1-749 52 835 mailto:office@xxxxxxxxxxxx - www.qsl.at

Pete Costello schrieb:

If anyone hears from Alokesh Gupta they should let us DX'ers know. Alokesh was, at least
at one time, a resident of Sri Lanka. I think he might have moved to India sometime recently.
He certainly would have a perspective and insight into the tragedy following the tidal wave
that hit the Indian Ocean area yesterday. I sincerely hope that he's OK, where ever he
might be.

Pete Costello

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