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Date: Wed, 05 Mar 1997 13:36:08 -0600
To: jmantyla@xxxxxxxxxx
From: "T. Cross - Fox Country 102.5" <fox@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: response to report of reception
Status: RO

        Dear Jorma,
                My name is Tom Cross and I am the Program Director of
KNFX-AM broadcasting at 970 kHz out of Austin, Minnesota, USA.  I just
recieved your report of reception this morning dated 27 February, '97.  I'm
not an engineer by any means, so I'm not real familiar with the technical
aspect of things, but indeed I can confirm that what you heard on 21 Feb. at
04.28 - 04.29 GMT was indeed our signal!  In fact the station id that you
heard was me!  In response to your question as to whether we recieve these
reports often, once in awhile we'll get a report from your area, but not
real common.  Consider your best wishes returned in full, and one other
thing - the "on air option" is actually the on air AUCTION!  
        Take care and feel free to E-mail me back for some more
X-continental conversation!!!

Tom Cross - KNFX/KMFX Rochester, Austin  MN. USA.