Re: [HCDX]: R.San Marino Intl. once again...
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Re: [HCDX]: R.San Marino Intl. once again...

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> My personal opinion is that San Marino is not a new country for us,
> regardless of the fact that Radio San Marino Int. swears ten times that
> it really broadcasts from the teritorry of S.M.
> Well, maybe it is true, it is not difficult to take a car or a van 
> with broadcasting equipment and go to San Marino (it is in fact located
> "inside" a teritorry of Italy).
> But, on the other hand, the people behind RSMI may be too lazy to go
> to San Marino, so they simply broadcast from Florence, Milano, Rome etc...
> and pretend to broadcast from San Marino. You never know at a pirate
> station...

I agree completely with Karel. For what it's worth, the Finnish DX
Association (FDXA) decided already before the controversy that Radio San
Marino Int. doesn't constitute a "station point" for those members who
count verified stations - basically because it is a land-based "hobby"
pirate, no matter which country it broadcasts from. 

DXers and DX Associations of course have different criteria on what
stations they listen to and regard as broadcasting stations, but in FDXA
illegal landbased pirates are excluded from official statistics. Their
loggings are nevertheless posted in FDXA publications.

The decision was taken by a committee in charge of counting points, to
which I belong. It will be announced in the upcoming issue of
"Radiomaailma" magazine. The intention is definitely NOT to try to
prohibit listening to such stations - such restrictions would be pointless
and contrary to the nature of the hobby. Even I listened to their tests
and sent in a reception report, just for the fun of it. However, if you
want to compare DX achievements by counting stations, you have to create
certain common criteria - and RSMI doesn't fill the requirements set by

Mika Makelainen