Need Help with unidentified Mexicans
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Need Help with unidentified Mexicans

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During a recent DXpedition I logged quite a few interesting Mexicans, but
unfortunately some remained unidentified. I would highly appreciate any
help concerning the following mysteries:

780 AM - Nov. 29th 1997 at 1217-1227 UTC I heard a station with local
Christian programming. A male host praising the Lord and playing Christian
Mexican music. Several time checks placing it on the Central time zone,
but no ID. This would be very interesting, as no Mexicans have ever been
heard in Europe on this frequency.

1270 AM - Nov. 25th 1997 at 0803 UTC. I only got part of the slogan "...
musica, onda musica ...", which doesn't fit to any station. Gave a Mexican
PSA, so must be from Mexico anyway.

1470 AM - Nov. 29th at 1300 UTC. A brief time announcement "Las 6 en
punto" followed by the National Anthem. I guess XEACE Mazatlan SN is the
only possibility because I wasn't able to find other stations located in
the Mountain time zone? Provided that XECU had already moved to 1450 by
late November? Southeastern part of Mexico is anyhow excluded, because it
was in daylight.

1590 AM - Nov. 25th at 0914-0924 UTC. A station identifying as "Clube 1590
La Ranchera", with the emphasis on "Ranchera" strangely on the last a.
This could also be a Mexican-format station from the U.S., but still
remains unresolved.


Mika Makelainen
Vantaa, Finland