QUESTION: Addresses needed
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QUESTION: Addresses needed

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The addresses listed in the WRTH for the following stations seem to be
outdated. My reception reports to these addresses were returned already
last year, but the same addresses remain in WRTH '98. I'd greatly
appreciate if anyone would happen to know the valid addresses.

BRAZIL:  860 kHz R Cidade, Maracanau. C.P. 2683, 60121-970 Fortaleza,
didn't work.

BRAZIL:  1160 kHz R A Voz d'Oeste. My report was addressed to Rua Zulmira
Canavarros 285, 78005-390 Cuiaba, Mato Grosso.

CHILE: 1140 kHz R Nacional. Letter returned from Casilla 244-V, Santiago.

COLOMBIA: 1550 kHz R El Sol, Barranquilla. My report to Apartado Aereo
1883, Barranquilla, Atlantico, was returned and labeled insufficient. 

LIBYA: Libyan Jamahiriya Broadcasting (home service). Box 9333, Soug al
Jama, Tripoli wasn't enough for Libyan postal officials.

MEXICO:  1350 kHz XETB Radio Laguna. Writing to Priv. Eulogio Ortiz y
Pamanes, Col.  Ampl. Los Angeles, 27140 Torreon, Coahuila, proved to be a
waste of time. 

Mika Makelainen     mtm@xxxxxxxxx