WSM vastannee tulevaisuudessakin
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WSM vastannee tulevaisuudessakin

This is a message from Mauno Ritola <ritola@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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Alla Tom Bryantin, WSM:n CE:n viesti, kun kiitin QSL:stä:

>Hello Mauno...
>I am pleased that you received the WSM verification report...and even more
>pleased that you e-mailed me directly at home.
>Your verification report was prepared a few days after I retired from 30
>years of active service with WSM, thus I do not have access to e-mail there
>any longer.
>Should you wish to inform any of your fellow dxers, I will continue (in
>retirement) to handle all dxer correspondence for WSM.  It is something I
>have always enjoyed and volunteered to continue doing as a service to the
>Best Regards,  Tom Bryant  --- member NRC, IRCA, WTFDA (US based dx clubs)