ANNOUNCE: more groups available in news2mail beta test
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ANNOUNCE: more groups available in news2mail beta test

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Yesterday I sent you an announcement about news2mail gateway for some
USENET newsgroups. I have got some feedback already and happy to announce
that I have added two more newsgroups into the list:


As many of the subscribers have commented this service doesn't necessarily
work very well with high volume and noisy groups like
I agree 100%. But for low volume and good signal-to-noise groups like 
alt.dx.tropical it perhaps is valuable for many of you.

If you want any other group to be added to the service, just let me know.

Also, there was question about sending emails to newsgroups. This feature
is not yet working. I have to write that feature first... problem there is
how to control who is able to send and who is not. That isn't very big
problem but requires me to add those features to software and test that
everything is working OK (I don't want to flood usenet groups with buggy
program). So, it's coming but not available yet.