AFRTS 12689,5 & 6458,5
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AFRTS 12689,5 & 6458,5

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QTH tuntuu olevan vieläkin epäselvä; Jim Renfrew via Cumbre via WWDXN:

"AFRT 12689.5 and 6548.5 confirmation letter from Wayne Eternicka, Broadcast
Operations Specialist, Naval Media Center, 2701 S. Capitol Street SW,
Washington DC 20373-5819. A portion of the letter is excerpted: "This
letter serves as confirmation of your 7 Aug 1998 reception of Armed Forces
Radio and TV. The signal originates from Naval Computer and
Telecommunications Area Master Station, Key West Florida and Naval Computer
and Telecommunications Station, Puerto Rico at 12689.5 and 6458.5 kHz."
I thought that DXers had established that this bc comes from Key West only.
Does this mean that I may have verified Puerto Rico on shortwave?"

73, MR