[FM TV DX WEBLIST] - Re: status of Russian national broadcasters
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[FM TV DX WEBLIST] - Re: status of Russian national broadcasters

This is a message from Bernd Trutenau <btr@xxxxxxxxxx> (by way of Mauno Ritola <ritola@xxxxxxxxxx>)
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Alla "Itämaan tietäjän" Berndt Trutenaun katsaus Venäjän valtiollisten
radioyhtiöiden/-ketjujen omistussuhteisiin, jos jotain vaikka sattuisi
kiinnostamaan (eikä ole tilannut ko. listaa):

>>It should be noted that the formerly state-owned Radio-1 (Radio "Odin") is
>>now an independent broadcasting company after its privatisation.
>But from what is it independent? I thought R Rossii was a company of its
>own. Is it so that there there are now three companies: 
>1. VGTRK/R Rossii including Golos Rossii
>2. Mayak/Yunost/Orfey
>3. R Odin?

There have been numerous changes in the status of the former Ostankino and
former VGTRK stations during the last years, some of them lasting only a
couple of months. Not only Ostankino, but also VGTRK does not exist any

Earlier this year, R.Rossii, Mayak and Orfey (as well as the TV networks
RTR and Kultura) have been put under one roof, a "state holding", as
official English term I have seen "Federal State Unitary Enterprise
'Russian State TV and Radio Broadcasting Company'". I do not know about the
status of Yunost (which originally was supposed to merge with Mayak) nor of
the recent status of Orfey (which might be out of the state system as well
meanwhile), I hope to get back with more details soon.

If you refer to WRTH99, the information in the book does not reflect the
actual situation during 1998 in this regard.

The formerly state-owned Radio-1 was supposed to be "liquidated" acc. to
Yeltsins "famous" decree no 823 on the state broadcasters of 4. August
1997. Instead of a liquidation, it went on its own. As joint stock company
"Radio-1 Ltd" (OAO "Radio-1") it received a nationwide broadcasting license
on 19. November 1997, and has been an independent, commercial broadcaster
since then (though still renting large parts of its old tx network).

Bernd Trutenau, Vilnius, Lithuania   <btr@xxxxxxxxxx>