VGTRK: korjaus
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VGTRK: korjaus

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Vielä korjaus Berndt Trutenaulta, yhtiöitä on nyt siis kaksi, R Odin on
yksityinen ja VGTRK on valtionyhtiö, jonka alla toimii: R Rossii, Mayak,
Orfey, Golos Rossii ja Yunost.

>I see that I was definitly wrong about VGTRK: it exists very well, and
>obviously it is VGTRK which has taken over now the management/coordination
>of also Mayak, Orfey and Golos Rossii.
>I have read both Russian and English sources about the changes, and the
>English sources (like YLEs Baltic Media Bulletin) have turned out to be
>somewhat misleading.