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KBC Wajir e-mail v/s Edith Njeru, for Managing Director kbcradio@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Britannian Intian Valtameren Territorio: NMC Diego Garcia 4319U e-mail v/s Navy Chief Journalist DeMonica Porter-Musch, Officer in Charge <dgar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> eli osoite löytyi tällä kertaa WRTH:sta!
NMC Sigonella 14000U e-mail v/s Frank Adams <worldwide@xxxxxxx>
SER R Pamplona 1575 ki v/s Luis Perez F, Dir Técnico. Tehoa kirjeen mukaan 10 kW Khersonske Oblasne R, Oktiabrske 648 e-mail v/s Oleksandr Brykov, Chief Editor <tvrcomp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

73, Mauno

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