[DX] UNID new Romanian station on the AM band
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[DX] UNID new Romanian station on the AM band

Last week on a DXpedition to Lapland Jim Solatie and I logged a new
unidentified station, very likely from Romania. The ID sounds like
"Radio Sudet" or something like that, and the language is Romanian. Rock
music, and news and weather on the hour with frequent IDs. Sounds
professional, not like a pirate. The frequency varies wildly. Originally
we found the station on around 1605 kHz, but by the end of the
DXpedition the station was found below 1600 kHz.

We couldn't find anything like this listed anywhere, so any help
(identity, location, address) on this one would be most appreciated!
Also, if someone has email contact addresses for Romanian DXers, I would
appreciate this info.

The LEM144 DXpedition report and log will be published next weekend on
"Freeze! DXing Arctic Style", if things go as planned.

Mika Makelainen    -    mika@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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