[DX] SWR 2nd June transmission. Some improvments...
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[DX] SWR 2nd June transmission. Some improvments...

Viimeisimmät SWR-uutiset tässä...

Good news from SWR!

Scandinavian Weekend Radio has got a new licence for it’s action on SWs. We are now allowed to broadcast on following days this year: 2nd June, 7th July, 4th August, 1st September, 6th August, 3th November, 1st December and finally our Christmas Show on 25th December. And it is really easy to remember –SWR is on the air every first Saturday of the month (Finnish time –so actual beginning is on Friday 21 hours UTC (summertime). And every time we have whole 24 hours showtime.

And perhaps the best news is that now we have also possibilities to improve the audibility of SWR! We have got a licence from THK (Telehallintokeskus) to use three new frequencies on a new 48 mb-area. These frequencies are 6170, 5980 and 5990 kHz. Our technicians have worked very intensively with new equipment we need for 48 mb: new transmitters (both 25 and 48 mb), new antennas etc. If everything goes right we take this new band on use in a very near future. We might have some test transmissions so please follow messages in our web pages http://www.swradio.net Of course this info will be sent directly to all members of our mailing list.

This new band will be taken to use to serve listeners in the near areas (where 25 mb can’t be heard regularly). We are expecting to reach a good audibility in Finland, Sweden, Norway, nearest areas of Russia and Baltic-countries (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania). These broadcasts can be heard well occasionally in some other North-European countries, too (Poland, Belo-Russia, Germany, Denmark etc.).

On 25 mb we will continue our service normally on 11690/11720 kHz.

Reminder: Now on 2nd June you have final opportunity to take part to our Waiting for the Hot Summer-Competition. All correct reception reports sent from this broadcast listened on 11690/11720 kHz (and possible tests transmissions on 48 mb) will automatically take part to this competition. Please, check (simple) rules of this competition from our web-pages http://www.swradio.net (message board /general discussion –messulauta). Good prices, T-shirts, cds, posters etc. are waiting for you! Good luck!

Our tentative programme/ frequency-schedules can be find on http://www.swradio.net . And please let us know when you are listening us. We have a live telephone-line during our broadcasts. So call +358 400 995 559. At other times you can leave a message into our voice mail machine. Also SMS -messages are welcome. You can also leave messages to our web-pages to visit-book, message board or you can fill our reception report form there. And of course we are waiting for your reports by snail. Our mailing address is: SWR, P.O.Box 35, FIN-40321 Jyväskylä, Finland.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not send our printed QSL -card without return postage (2 IRC or 2 USD and make sure that you get those IRCs stamped correctly, otherwise they are useless).

Lets meet on SWs!

Alpo Heinonen

Scandinavian Weekend Radio

Alpo Heinonen
Rovaniemi, Finland
NRD 525
"A weak voice from the Finnish Arctic Circle"