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[DX] SWR Info


New Scandinavian Weekend Radio Frequency schedule for 3rd November transmission (2nd Nov. 22 UTC till 3rd Nov. 22 UTC)

48 mb:
22-00  6170
00-06  5980
068-14:30  6170
14:30-19  5990
19--22   6170

25 mb:
22-01  11690 
01-06  11720
06-14  11690 
14-18  11720
18-22  11690   

Towards North-America:

At Friday 22 hours UTC till Saturday 7 hours UTC our 2-element beam antenna for 25mb is towards North America (320 degrees). Propagation forecast http://www.swradio.net/fin/031101/index.html  seems quite promising so you might get SWR to your earphones this time!  So we wish YOUR GET US this time! PLEASE LET US KNOW IF YOU CAN HEAR US. It would be nice if you could call directly to our phone line +358 400 995 559. You can also send SMS-messages.

Contact info:

Please let us know how you are receiving us. We have a live telephone-line during our broadcasts, so call or send SMS-message into +358 400 995 559. At other times you can leave a message into our voice mail machine. You can also leave messages to our web page’s  ( http://www.swradio.net/eng/index.htm )  guestbook, message board or you can send your reception report form there. And of course we are waiting for your reports by snail. Our mailing address is: SWR, P.O.Box 35, FIN-40321 Jyväskylä, Finland. PLEASE NOTE: We do not send our printed QSL -card without return postage (2 IRC or 2 USD and make sure that you get those IRCs stamped correctly, otherwise they are useless).

With Best Regards,

Alpo Heinonen

Scandinavian Weekend Radio