Re: [DX] Yemen Radio web site
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Re: [DX] Yemen Radio web site

Yes, this is the Yemen radio site in Arabic.
But you can read it in English by using a special 
translation web-site:
Then add
in the "Web Page Translation:" box and ask the computer
for translation into English.  Http:// is already there.
You'll be surprised when you can see the Arabic site in
Of course this computer translation is "stupid", it does not
understand meanings.  However, it tells you approximately what
is going on.  Internet Explorer 5.0 is needed, my Netscape 4.73
did not show the translation correctly.
You can also try the Qatar tv-channel
and you'll see their site in English.

Jorma Mantyla
journalist, dx'er
Kangasala, Finland

On Thu, 1 Nov 2001, Pentti Lintujärvi wrote:

> Yemen Radio (Radio Sana'a) has web site at:
> eMail -address: yradio@xxxxxxxx
> Pentti Lintujärvi
> Helsinki, Finland

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