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[DX] Re: FW: Re: [HCDX] FW: Sam Voron-Somalia test report from Finland.

Terveisià listalle Joe Talbot/Radio Galkayo - raportista saapi qsl'n lisÃksi 1000 Somalian ShillinkiÃ, heh....


Hello Jone: Thanks for the remarks, unfortunately this happens to many DX stations, YES a BIG turn-off to staff, an insult really. This kind of report only lessens QSL replies, I promise you. I understand "details" are sometimes difficult to hear, no excuss for a report containing NO identifiable details.

QSLs are not handed out, they are earned by the DX reporter. I can promise you all if we can we will QSL all reports proving reception, we are very easy to deal with. All correct reports QSL and souvenir 1000 Somali Shilling note.

Please pass this info to DX clubs and friends, thank you all for your interest in Radio Galkayo, Puntland State, Somalia. 73.

 Joe Talbot VA6JWT, 6O0JT (6 Oscar Zero JT)
 Red Deer, Alberta, Canada.
 N: 52-16-18 W: 113-48-46.
 Grid: DO32cg.
  Africa. 6O0JT
 Rx: Rockwell Collins HF-2050.
       JRC NRD 535D Kiwa Mods.
       Sony ICF 2010 Kiwa Mods.
 TCVR: Icom IC-706 MkIIG.
 Antennas: Beverage Array.
                   Random Wires.
                   Wellbrook K9AY.
                   George Maroti K9AY.
                   Phasing With MFJ 1026.
                   High Sierra 1800 Pro/Outback
                   Various HF/VHF/UHF Beach Verticals.
                   Icom AH-4 Auto Tuner.

Tsekkaa HCDX:n uusi www sivu: http://www.hard-core-dx.com/
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