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News from Medium Wave News

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Bulletin Date: 15 August 1995

There may be several RSLs operating on/around the VJ Day anniversary. One
that we know about is VJ Day Radio from Oldham on 1386kHz using the Radio
Latics facilities. Programming will be 24hrs a day as follows:
0000UTC 15th August START; Radio Latics tape loop
0000UTC 16th August; VJ Radio Tape Loop
0001UTC 18th August VJ Radio programming
2359UTC 20th August VJ Radio CLOSE

If you hear this one write to Alan Gale at 4 Waingap Crescent, Whitworth,
Rochdale, Lancashire OL12 8PX, England. If you want Alan to reply please
include return postage or International Reply Coupons. This transmitter runs
just 1 watt but has been heard at night in Finland and many times in Sweden
and throughout the UK.  Best time to listen is after R Nederlands relay via
Kaliningrad leaves 1386kHz at 2325UTC, but some nights ERT Greece is still
using the frequency  after this time.

Radio Caroline 1503kHz continues to put out a good signal 24hrs a day. Easily
heard throughout southeast England  during daylight hours (Holland should be
no problem). Also heard in Scotland at night and probably in Europe.

If you hear these stations, an e-mail to me with details would be also
appreciated. Steve

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