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Re: Administrivia

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> >>Comments quoted from two recent posts:
> >>
> >>"Sorry, but I do not consider this logging "hard.core", and I know you 
> >do not 
> >>either. Will you actually launch all contributions to this list, or 
> >are you 
> >>editing and filtering the material?"
> >>

> >
> >Hard-core-DX is going to vary quite a bit from place to place.  I have 
> >seen some MW logs on here from U.S. east coast DXers that would be 
> >nearly impossible here in the midwest U.S.  What may be hard core here 
> >in Minnesota may be an easy catch elsewhere. 

> >My 2 cents worth
> >
> >Greg Renner
> >Secretary of the Minnesota DX Club

> I agree Greg, Someone on the West Coast of the US is going to have a much 
> easier time with the Aisans ans South Pacific Stations then someone on the 
> East coast.  Those in the Southern US will have an easier time with South
> Americans then those of us in the North.  Let alone those who live in say 
> Australia, or Europe, everything is relative and consideration needs to be
> made to location, conditions, receiver, antenna, etc...
> I personally find others logs to be very helpfull in finding new DXs for 
> myself, therefore in my opinion the more logs the better.  However one 
> thing that I have found lacking when people post logs to usenet groups, or
> sigs is that they often leave out this important information, without this
> vital information the logs are not worth much.
> --
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> Girard, Ohio       KA8STO         	| Youngstown Free Net            

There is merit in all aspects of this discussion.  The more logs, the 
better as long as it is not BBC on 5.975.....  Those who don't think 
that a particular bit of information is not worth of their efforts 
may choose to to read it. 

What is hardcore or not is a matter of personal perspective; 
critisism of which should be confined to private E-Mail and not 
posted to the list.

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