Re: Drake R8A - initial observations
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Re: Drake R8A - initial observations

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>The R8A arrived today all ok.
>I thought you guys might want a few initial impressions. ...

Thanks Chuck.  I believe that these reviews, from the experts, are extremely
valuable to the rest of us.  Not being particularly technical is not that
important.  The "feel" of the receiver and observations based on your own
hearing is just as valuable as are all the technical specs.  I alow believe
that it's valuable to post information ASAP, as many of us are probably
itching to purchase the newest rig.  A negative report definetely puts a
damper on my enthusiasm, whereas a positive report wets my appetite even
more.  Let's hear more, Chuck!

>Walter Salmaniw
 Victoria, BC, Canada

R5000 afficienado, but always looking for something a little better!

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