Drake R8A - initial observations
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Drake R8A - initial observations

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The R8A arrived today all ok.

I thought you guys might want a few initial impressions.  I have done 
a few hours of DX'ing tonight on the Tropicals.  I have a friends R8 
in the shack and a co-ax switch to swap antennas so I can use the 
same for both receivers.  

First off, the noise floor on the R8A is at least 3 db down from the 
R8 and perhaps maybe 5 db.  I haven't actually measured it with 
test equipment but maybe this weekend.

The R8A has very much improved audio recovery.  Much better than the 
R8 and it may direclty rival my Lowe Europa.  I could hear enunciated 
speaking out AIR Thir'mpurham on 5.010.  While there was audio coming 
from the R8, there was not nearly the defination as the '8A.

The sync control works much better and the manual clarifies it's use.

The rate of tuning is a little faster, about 25%, then the R8.  I 
like the rate of the R8 myself.

Of course, the elimination of the confounded clumsey mode and 
bandwidth controls is wonderful!  You can go back and forth between 
any band, any mode to your hearts content.

More to come if anyone is interested.  

Chuck Rippel

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